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Why Day/Night Blinds?

Date: 2023-05-12 | Auteur: admin | Partager:

What is a Day/Night Blinds?

In short, the Day/Night Blinds can be divided into two parts, the upper part is Day Blinds which uses yarn fabric and can filter light, and the lower part is Night Blinds which uses full shading fabric. So we call them the Day/Night blinds.

Why Day/Night Blinds?

First, when viewed from the side of the blinds, it is a hexagonal honeycomb structure. In this way, air can be stored in the hollow structure of the blinds, which makes the blinds has better heat preservation and insulation performance.

Second, the yarn fabric of the blinds has certain transmittance, which can block the light when used in the daytime, but will not affect the indoor lighting. The full-shading fabric of the night blinds has a built-in aluminum foil, which has a stronger shading ability. When used at night, it can create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. Now many people will choose to install the Day/Night honeycomb blinds in the bedroom, in order to meet the double needs of rest at night and get lighting in daytime, fit in with the daily life habits.

Third, while practicality is important, appearance should not be ignored. One of the reasons for the popularity of the honeycomb Day/Night blinds is its nice-looking appearance. When installing on the window, it will give people generous, gentle and elegant sense and show full score texture, improve the grade of home decoration. It covers a small area when used, and can be folded and hidden when not in use, so will not occupy extra space.

Of course, most of the ordinary Day/Night Blinds on the market have shortcomings, such as people need to manually pull the blinds up and down to open and close the blinds, or switch the day blinds and night blinds with rope. The rope hanging is not only troublesome to operate, but may also can produce children's safety risks. Therefore, JIECANG brings the intelligent blinds motor which is suitable for Day/Night Blinds. The motor is installed inside the blinds with no exposed rope. It can use remote controller or connect intelligent equipment, so that you do not need to spend time pulling the rope or worry about the safety of children. Just enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and safe intelligent life after using the Day/Night Blinds with JIECANG motor.

Click the link and enjoy the beauty of Day/Night Blinds.


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